Apostolos Missions International

AM Spanish-Speaking Regions Push Evangelism Efforts

AM leaders from the Spanish-speaking regions are uniting and working together as they aim to reach students in the countries of Central America. After a successful meeting with AM leaders/volunteers from the South America region, AM Mexico received much grace and new insight as she pushes forth with evangelism efforts in the Central region.

The Central America region has one of the largest youth population sizes in the world. There are 106 million young people between the age of 15-24 which accounts for 20% of the Latin and Caribbean region. As they are working towards evangelizing and advancing youth mission in the Latin region, AM Latin leaders/volunteers had a time to share the ways and strategies that they have found to be effective in evangelizing members in their countries.

Each leader agreed that the best way is to continue to send out daily invitations to bible studies as they found that the youth are very responsive to the invitations. By creating a close-knit network, they hope to be in contact with one another, so that they can hold activities and fellowships with newcomers and recurring bible students. They are still developing new strategies as they plan to seek out more youth in the region.

They will continue to meet regularly to strengthen communication, share experiences, and new ideas that can be used to implement in their evangelism efforts. May the AM Latin America region unite well and bear much fruit as they work together to save many souls.

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