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AM Student from Bolivia Shares Her Testimony

Camila from Bolivia shared her testimony after becoming a member of AM.

“When I started to attend to AM Bible Studies I didn’t know that it will completely change my life. I started attending because I was curious about Bible studies. I didn’t realize that my life was changing until one day I looked back and I was not the same person. With AM I finally could understand my purpose here on the earth. Now I know that being a Christian is more than just say “I am a Christian”. Being a Christian is follow the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ and have a relationship with our creator. AM encouraged  me to have a bigger faith and never give up. This is where my journey starts and I am really happy and exited for everything that is about to come.”

Her concluding remarks were, “I really enjoy being surrounded by people whom I can share my love for God. I am really excited for my journey and for the plans that God has for my life.”

Camila was one of the first online students that AM evangelized during the beginning of  COVID that led the shift to online evangelism. Almost a year later, it is truly by the Grace of God that Camila remained faithful to bible studies. Everyone is thankful and full of excitement to see how God is guiding her life.

She began bible studies with Pastor Alma, AM General Secretary before being transitioned over to AM HQ staff Ashley to be raised.

May Camila experience great growth in the on her journey and may her life be a blessing to those she encounters.

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