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AM Studies Treasures in Heaven During Online Sunday Fellowship

AM staff led the Sunday Fellowship online with students from Instagram evangelism. The message came from Matthew 6:19-24. They continuing the studies from the Sermon on the Mount.

After concluding the beatitudes, Pastor Michael and the Students jumped ahead to this teaching on treasure. The two topics are very related as the worldly perspective on blessing and treasure is a complete opposite of God’s perspective. But what really is the reward for chasing earthly treasures? In the end, you really get nothing but let down, whereas chasing Jesus, chasing God, you get all that you need and assurance that God will take care of the material things.

After the message, students answered two key application questions

Q: What is your treasure? Please reflect on yourself in view of this message.

Q: What obstacles do you face when you attempt to follow this teaching of Jesus?

Riley shared that one obstacle she faces when attempting to follow Jesus teaching is social media and technology. When its time to quiet herself and seek the Lord, an insatiable call from these carefully created distractions is one thing that she stumbles over.

Judah shared that an obstacle is the fleeting fears of the people around him. His family can greatly influence him while they chase after money and materials. But God always comforts him by pulling his focus back to him.

Jeffina shared thanksgiving for the message and shared that God’s word is her great treasure as it greatly gives her comfort in life.

All and all, each student had a very graceful time and also shared that they will meditate on these questions throughout the week and grow deeper in understanding.

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