Apostolos Missions International

AM Tanzania Introduced to 150 Students at the University of Dar es Salaam

AM International was introduced at Dar es Salaam University. 150 students listened to Gods Word before AM was introduced. Students showed great interest in becoming a part of the ministry.

AM had been longing so much to lay a foundation at the University. God is surely answering prayers. Yesterday through the Church leader of Tanzania, AM was introduced to students heard the word of God from Romans 1. After explaining what the ministry is about to them, they were excited to know more about the ministry.

“The message was received very well, and many students were amazed to learn about the commitment of Paul to the work of Christ Jesus, and they realized that being a Christian, it’s not just having the name, ‘a Christian,’ but a heart like Christ,” the minister said.

The Church plans to teach the students more the word of God and set up AM chapter leaders. We also want to make good relationship with many students from different universities, especially university of Dar es salaam so that we can invite them to Church for God’s word.

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