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AM UCSD Member Gives Testimony, Prays For Future MIssion

Jinyi Wu, along with AM UCSD’s leader, Annie Haofen will be expanding their tents this fall as they move to Dover New York to become HQ staff members and lead a passionate mission at Columbia University.

The duo will leave soon to make it to Dover for Summer Retreat. AM International news was recently provided the touching testimony of one of the UCSD members, Jinyi(Jenny) Wu. Her testimony is below: “I have been a member in AM UCSD for about half a year. God has always been leading me through this ministry. Through this period in my life in AM, there has been a lot of grace given by The Lord and he showed me his mercy when I was so weak and full of so many faults.

I think to be a minister, it means I am standing in the place of the Lord and I have to love the people he loves. It means we can breathe with the Lord together in love because it is such a place that we can touch his heart and understand his feelings. This ministry is a ministry of love. And we are here because of the love of Jesus for us. It is such a blessed position because it is so near the Lord.

Because of this ministry, God led me to many places. This is the grace of God that I can study abroad in the US. God also led me to New York and Los Angeles. I really opened up my mind to know a bigger world.

When I just enter into this ministry and become a member, I felt ‘ wow, it is so different from what I did in China.’ Because in China the spiritual atmosphere is very difficult for evangelism. We can go out together to do evangelism as a team and get a lot of help from many pastors and members. It is so graceful. In the AM team, I also have many good coworkers and it is really good we can come to know each other and work together. Sometimes, after evangelizing together, we will go out to visit a beautiful scenic spot like a park beside the ocean. The natural scenery in America is preserved so well. I am always touched by the love of God since he created such a beautiful world for us.

During one Friday prayer meeting, there was a prophecy, ‘My heart is being hurt by those who complain. My heart is bleeding every day. But there are also people who truly love me and their love comforts me and cures me.’ This prophecy deeply entered into my heart. I think God is love and Jesus is full of love. But we are sinners. Our sin must hurt his heart. But he continues forgiving us and tolerating us. Every day we are living under the great mercy and grace given by God. Sometimes when I think about this prophecy and look at my heart, I find I am very much one of those people who hurt the heart of God because of my sin. And when I go out to evangelize and shepherd the lamb, it feels more genuine. When the lamb rejects the love of God, my heart will also feel hurt. But I know God is able to change our heart.”

Jenny added that her prayer topics for Columbia University this fall are that “we( Annie and I) can set up a center first; come to know each other deeper and become united in the word and love of God. Wu says that the duo hopes that they can pray for that this campus more and more to open the spiritual atmosphere, and that the grace pours down so, although they are limited, God’s power can fulfill this mission.

Please pray that they can evangelize powerfully when the new semester begins and find two souls who are eager for the word of God. May they grow them to become stable in steady Bible studies within a month of fall semester.  And may God grant them ambitious ideas for more active ways of evangelism and activities for the student fellowship of Columbia. One idea she already has, inspired by what she learned from ministry in UCSD is to have cell group Bible studies that would prepare lambs as they grow up to serve together. Please pray for all of these amazing things to come to fruition. AMen.

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