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AM UNZA Strategizes Fellowship Growth by Increasing Staff

Apostolos Missions of the University of Zambia (AM UNZA) has set up three department. Evangelism, Prayer Department and Bible Study has been established to ensure growth.

In a meeting held yesterday, the University of Zambia members showed great concern for the development of the ministry. Through brother Robert, a meeting was organised with 4 members attending.

After listening from the Word of God from the book of Mark 10:43-45. Jesus was teaching the Disciples about serving as the work of a leader. Giving himself as an example, “I came to serve but not to be served”, Jesus was able to show an example by washing the feet of the disciples and told them, “you call me teacher, master and your Lord, then if I can do that to you then you should as well to others. I did to give you an example to follow, John 13:12-15”.

The departments were then set up after prayers. Robert will be in charge of evangelism, Milika shall serve as the prayer secretary and Deborah Lupenga shall take the responsibility of arranging Bible study programs. The schedules will be on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Fridays respectively.

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