Apostolos Missions International

AM USA Preparations for Annual 2023 Summer Internship

Since most colleges in the United States are opening, AM USA is preparing to host students for the summer 2023 internship at the AM HQ in Trenton, New Jersey. This is the perfect and last chance to train students in mission, equipping them to spread the Gospel on their campus powerfully for the Fall semester.

The AM HQ is offering young Christians the opportunity to explore their God-given gifts and talents through real-life experience. Through this, they will be equipped to serve the Kingdom of God in their area of expertise. 

Interns will serve and participate in various administrative works at the headquarter level. This includes: research and writing on local and international events, proofreading biblical material, attending staff meetings, and video/social media content creation.

Other activities in the schedule include seminars, worship services, bible studies, and fellowship trips to NYC and Washington, D.C !

The internship dates are August 15th-August 27th. 

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