Apostolos Missions International

AM USA Weekly Bible Study Group Shares Grace and Fellowship

AM USA continues to hold weekly bible study with students from different states across the US. During this time of bible study, they are studying the deeper spiritual meaning of the Gospel messages from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and how it applies to them.

The attendees are receiving much grace from the studies and are testifying how thankful they are for fellowship with other young believers in Christ.

“I am so thankful that my sister invited me to this bible study group. It is really thankful to God because I have been in a hard season but everything from today’s lesson is exactly what I needed for my situation. The Lord has brought me deep comfort,” shared a newcomer who was excited to bring more of her friends and siblings to join bible study.

Another sister from Chicago shared, “Wow, this bible study was confirmation for me. As a new Christian it has been difficult for me to share to people why I now believe in the Lord. But this gave me confirmation and encouragement to be firm and bold in my witness to them.”

May the Lord lead many young US natives to find hope and salvation through AM USA bible studies!

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