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Apologetics: Why Do We Evangelize?

A very passionate young lady who adamantly denied God existed vented her anger towards Christians and as she put it, “their proud belief that they exclusively know the truth.” She continued on by speaking about how it’s not right for believers to try and tell others what they should believe.

The responses given her ( which will be focused on in a separate post) opened her eyes and brought about curiosity towards why Christians evangelize

There are various reasons of course, all rooted in love, but for non believers who we wish to win over to Christ, we have to explain this well. One illustration given her to went like this: imagine two people, two who consider their relationship a bond between good friends both have investments in the stock market. One day the two who both have money invested in an endeavor that’s currently prospering, but over the weekend, the company takes a turn for the worse and anyone with ties into the company is on the verge of losing really big unless they sell their interests now.

Friend A represents the believer, Friend B, the non believer/ Atheist. What happens when Friend A keeps a watchful eye on the market and different resources that leads him to the wise move of getting rid of his investments issue here is, but fails to inform friend B?

Friend B loses big! Friend B is now financially crumbled, hit rock bottom in various ways- suffering greatly.

What kind of person would the Christian be if we knew that everything our non-believing brothers were doing was a horrible waste of their lives, This goes deeper than just money investments. A person could lose all their money and one day gets back on their feet, but the biblical view of this investment into secular living says that we hit more than rock bottom and that is no way to bounce back from that.

This is a small illustration of this- the Christian knows the truth, the fate all men deserve, and the great grace of salvation. What kind of person would we be if we never inform anyone? One Christian Apologist spoke of a similar account when an Atheist passionately told him that he could never trust Christians unless they evangelized, because how could anyone claim to be a person of love but not attempt to spread the gospel in which we claim saves?

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