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‘Artworks Unveil the Gospel Vividly,’ AM Philippines New Outreach

In times of outbreak, various means of online evangelism have been devised. In Cebu, Philippines, a fresh approach has been made to communicate the gospel and profound message of the Lenten period. 

The time of Lent is a moving and deeply emotional period highlighting the central message of Christianity: Life and Death. The arks created by staff members of AM Manila expressed different aspects of contrasting Lenten themes: Sorrow and Joy, Darkness and Light, Death and Life. The art works are posted through AM Philippines’ Facebook drawing attention from current members and participants connected.  

Rachel Carumba, AM Cebu Staff, sahred, “It gives a deep thought of what you really wanted to say. And it is also colorful in a way that it gives life.”

“People are more open to the words of God and more willing to listen to what the Gospel speaks. It is time to reach out to many by visibly introducing the words through art,” added Carumba.

AM Philippines has been taking several measures to expand online evangelism platforms since the COVID-19 crisis began. Students confined at their home actively join the programs to share God’s words and understand life of Jesus through Lenten curriculum. The artwork presents more visible pictures of what Gospel discloses to the world.

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