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Bible Study Continues in AM Peru, “How to Know God’s Will”

AM International Peru is beginning a new program of Bible Devotional Series called “How to Know God’s Will”

The purpose of this devotional is to provide spiritual tools to its members so that they can know if they are in God’s will. This devotional is in addition to the continued study of John’s Gospel.

AM Peru has been focused on reviewing the beginning chapters of the Book of John that display momentum of Jesus ministry at the early stage. The miracle of changing water to wine and the profound conversations with Nicodemus and Samaritan Woman disclosed the power and impact of works of the Son of God on earth.

The online live study is focusing on key passages that will edify the lives of believers. AM Peru is gaining new converts through online evangelism and outreach in spite of a gloomy reality of the pandemic. The messages thrown by the Book of John speak to the hearts of many strongly to desire for Lord’s wonderful works to also occur in their lives.

The prayers for the expansion of the AM ministry in Peru continue, as well as the prayers for reaching more youth and in turn, adding to the number of members who serve actively in the fellowship.

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