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Class 101: AM 5 Phase Bible Study Program for Leadership

The AM International HQ has begun to educate new leadership through the 5-phase class system for Bible students.

Each phase consists of two courses referred to as classes. There is class 101, class 201, 202, etc. Each class corresponds to a curriculum and set Bible messages that should be heard and reflected upon in order to move on the next class. Each phase has a detailed procedure for getting the student to the next level. After a phase 3, a student could be considered for AM membership. The benefits of AM membership and the duty of an AM member is described in this phase.

By the end of phase 4, the student begin to be introduced into the greater possibilities of following God’s call and working with AM. And by phase 5, the students and AM HQ staff will be able to meet and hold an on site event. There are many details applied to each phase, however, these are the general steps.

The goal is to train evangelists and raise disciples of Christ. AM wishes that AM leaders and members will have the heart to be sent out and live as those who are sent.

This week, Vanessa met with two returning students, Ashley and Riley, who are from Florida and Ohio respectively.

Ashley shared her reflection below:

“I feel as if I can gain a better understanding when developing a relationship with another person that without being closer to GOD we cannot be closer to anyone else as there will be conflict thus creating a divide so I definitely want to make sure my relationship and connection with GOD is stable before I allow someone else into my life so that I may demonstrate God’s love to them as well.”

Please Continue to pray for both Ashley and Riley as they start the 5 phase Program. AM’s hope is for them to finish the program with a true understanding of God’s love and impact in their hearts.

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