Apostolos Missions International

Detroit Chapter Begins Evangelism at University of Michigan to Build New Team

The 2nd day of the 2019 AM North America summer internship included an early morning day of outreach at The University of Michigan. This is a very large school with a high academic standard.

Interns Annie and Bri Daija joined with Pastor Alma and Michael to begin work on a new campus never actively worked by AM. The Summer session of classes made sure there were many students actively traversing the large Ann Arbor located campus.

As the outreach persisted, the work reaped few contacts, but the ones that were gathered actively responded with great interest to begin Bible study sooner or later. ” one sister texted me back quickly” shared Daija. ” she felt God must have put me on her path as a means of strengthening her relationship with him.”

As more continued evangelism time is put into this campus as well as Wayne State, May God prosper the work of these growing interns as well as the AM leaders who live and commit to active mission in the state of Michigan. Amen.

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