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Developing Resources to Expand World Mission Through Dr. Bill Bright

AM International continues to research famous missiologists as they gain insight into their historic strategies to advance world mission. As they are working towards creating more resources for the development of the network and ministry, the leaders are examining the work of famous evangelist Dr. Bill Bright for his motivation and dedication to writing the book on the “Four Spiritual Laws.”

“I truly believe that we are fighting for the very survival of the Gospel and of evangelism in America today,” said Dr. Bill Bright in the latter days of his life. Dr. Bright was a famous evangelist who concerned himself with world evangelization after pledging as a “slave for Christ” through a written contract that him and his wife had signed to God in 1951.

Understanding that his vision for world mission could not be done alone, Dr. Bright consulted with God and later received the commission to begin a campus ministry with college students at the University of California (UCLA) in 1951. It was given the name “Campus Crusades for Christ International” aka “Cru,” which came from one of his admired professors at Fuller Theological Seminary.

What made Dr. Bright so passionate and invested to serving Christ was his wholehearted belief that as Christians, we should follow the Great Commission and the command to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Two years after beginning his ministry at UCLA, Dr. Bright would make this vision a reality when he would dedicate himself to writing the “Four Spiritual Laws.”

One student from Princeton who was introduced to the Campus Crusades for Christ Leadership Institute, declared that the teachings from the booklet provided him with a “thematic study of Christian doctrine” that allowed him to experience spiritual growth much faster than the time it took for him to learn it over the course of his 19 years of living.

Dr. Bright’s passion was truly reflected through his writings of the Four Spiritual Laws as the booklet was later translated into 200 different languages and distributed to more than 2.5 billion people, thus making it the most widely distributed religious book in history.

Dr. Bright would later go on to do other works such as commissioning the “Jesus” film about the life of Jesus, which also was translated in 800 languages and received billions of views from people in 234 countries around the world. Dr. Bright faithfully served Campus Crusades for Christ for five decades, making it to be the largest parachurch organization in the world today.

May all leaders be reminded of the Great Commission and be encouraged by Dr. Bill Rights motivation to develop more resources and strategies for the advancement of global mission one day sooner.

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