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Listen and Follow

During the summer, my family gathers in my mother’s backyard to spend time with one another. Every gathering is my favorite because I get to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while, so I really look forward to being home. Another reason why I enjoy the summer is because we play games, laugh, and the atmosphere is full of joy. One game that we played last year was similar to treasure hunt–except, we were blindfolded.

Someone would go hide items and then the others would go searching for those items. However, the people searching for the items would be blindfolded while their partner directed them. The game became much more difficult because we were limited in our senses and had to rely on the voice of our partner.

This was also our reality as we were living in the secular world. Our eyes were closed and we were unable to see the new life that God was offering to us. Thank God that someone came into our lives and directed us to find what was available to us all along.

“The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see” (John 9:1-7)

This verse comes from the story of the man that was born blind and upon his encounter with Jesus, he was healed. However, before Jesus performs this miracle, he does two things that are very noteworthy. The first thing is that he spits on the ground and makes mud with his saliva and puts it on the man’s eyes. The importance of this is that it is a substance that is from the ground which symbolizes suffering. When we are suffering, we are very low. However, it is in those low moments that God is changing us, healing us, and doing his great work in us.

The other thing that Jesus does is tells the man to walk to the Pool of Siloam. It may seem crazy for Jesus to tell him to walk, but this is important because he is telling him to move forward. It must have been uncomfortable for the man. On our walk with Christ, we are also blind just like this man and feel discomfort as well. We are unable to see where we are going, but it is a test of our faith and trust. We must continue on this journey knowing that he has everything under control and is leading us in the right way.

At the end of the game, there is someone who wins and is awarded a gift. At the same time, others sit around arguing with their partner for not giving them the right instructions. This is something very light-hearted, but the only way that the two people are able to win is when they are united together. One listens while the other guides.

So despite our spiritual blindness, I pray that we can listen and open our ears to Jesus so that he can guide us in the right direction. So that, we too, can be rewarded with many gifts from God and soon be able to see him with our eyes just like the blind man could.

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