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AM Established New Chapter with Volunteer in Germany

Earlier this week, the graceful news was shared that a new AM chapter was being opened in Germany with a new volunteer. Today on July 27th, 2023 sister Mara Onyeama officially signed as the volunteer for the AM Germany chapter.

Upon signing the volunteer card, Mara shares her reflection of joining AM,

“I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to join such a meaningful ministry that searches for souls at a time when they probably need it the most-young adulthood. It’s the time when you are leaving your parents’ home and guidance and search for meaning. Since I myself realized the Love of God not too long ago, I know how meaningless and alone a life without God is. I didn’t know what my purpose was. I had none. Now I know. God revealed to me that He wants me to be a witness to His glory, and I’m convinced that I can do that here at AM. I thank Pastor Laura for guiding me to AM, and I thank Pastor Josephine for welcoming me with open arms. I’m very eager to serve the Lord and be a witness to Him, especially in a place where AM didn’t have the opportunity to be before.”

Mara will leave for college where she was accepted to attend a univeristy in Amsterdam. During her time in college, she has expressd her desire to open a chapter in Amsterdam where she can continue to grow in her faith through her passion to teach many students the bible. 

Please pray for Mara’s spiritual protection during her college years. May the Lord faithfully guide her so that she can be a powerful witness of the Gospel on her campus. 

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