Apostolos Missions International

Global Monthly Retreat Brings Joy & Hope for Salvation In Jesus Christ

On September 18th, 2021 AM International hosted their September monthly online retreat with the attendance of students and leaders from over 15 countries around the world. The mini online retreat was joyful and packed with deep messages and fun fellowship, in which many students testified the beauty in being able to gather with other people who have firm faith and hope in Jesus.

“Sometimes we can’t see our sin because it’s in the inside, but looking at that example of the Leper it reminded me of just how helplessness I am. What is great about this fellowship is that we can all be cast out, yet looking for the hope in Jesus,” said brother Koray from Australia.

AM President, Dr. Deborah, delivered the first lecture on Romans 1 and 2 where she spoke about why we need to know about Jesus, what he did for us, and what is truly means to have received salvation.

After bible study one concluded, there was a short time to play “2 Truths and 1 Fib,” led by AM HQ staff Ashley, in which the students could introduce themselves and come to learn more about each other’s personal lives.

Soon after, Pastor Michael delivered the second lecture on Romans 3 and 4 that described more into detail about the wickedness and helplessness of man that only subjected us to death. However, he explained the redemption of humanity that came through the love of God and sacrifice of Jesus Christ that gave us hope of a new life.

“How nice it has been to be able to meet with such beautiful people. Blessings,” said Biannelly from Peru. Sister Laura who is a regular AM bible student from Colombia added, “I learned a lot, the most important being about the need for Jesus. He is the most important.”

Students and leaders from Africa, Peru, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, India, Korea, Israel, Bolivia, Uganda, USA, Mexico, UK, and more could all witness the active work of the Holy Spirit and could be touched by the hope found in Jesus.

Please pray for the future AM retreats and that they can grow in numbers to reach many others that are longing to know about the one and only true savior of this world; Jesus Christ.

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