Apostolos Missions International

God’s Promise in Times of Hardship

In quest to unite all people from different cultural backgrounds, people groups, languages, and nations, AM International (Apostolos Missions) General Secretary gives a word of encouragement to come together in one heart to push for world change.

Pastor Alma, who serves as the AM General Secretary delivers an encouraging message from Joshua 6:1-16 to remind everyone to not neglect the word of God and prayer in their lives as that will be their strength to overcome the battles.

“What we are facing looks like Jericho where it seems impossible and way too big for us to attack but continuing the message in verse 2, we see that God has already promised the land to the Israelites even before they began fighting. It was a battle that they had already won,” said Pastor Alma.

Comparing the defeat that we may feel in our lives or even in our ministries to the defeat that the Israelites may have felt when trying to enter the settled and civilized land of Jericho, the message is encouraging us to hold onto God’s promise even when the situation is in despair or is challenging.

God’s word gives us the instruction on how we are to win the battle. While walking around the wall may have seemed impractical to the Israelites, it was through their obedience to the instruction given by the Lord that already made them conquers and victors of the land.

“We have to go through this period where we may not see the change and we are just walking around the wall and it seems like nothing is moving but God is working to change us in that time and to change our faith,” concluded Pastor Alma.

The sermon ended with a time of prayer. Wishing that every Christian believer can keep the same momentum so that they can overcome the challenges and soon see the walls of Jericho come down in their own situations.

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