Apostolos Missions International


Just as we grow and mature through different stages in our childhood, we take several milestones in our spiritual maturity. We are reborn through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus (Rebirth). We grow and mature by the truth and spirit (Maturity). And we enter into the fruitfulness of life as our unity with Christ deepens (Fruitfulness). AM creates numerous programs and tracks to help our students to experience all these three aspects of their spiritual growth. 

Campus life is exciting and fulfilling. However, it can also be aimless amid so many choices open in front of us. Through the truth and prayer, AM helps you find God’s will and guidance in your extraordinary life. 

Continue to join our programs that offer diverse opportunities to hear the Words, pray together, fellowship with brothers and sisters of faith, and serve. 

Review different opportunities to grow in the Gospel. 

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