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Harvard Leader Shares Precious Dream for New Year in Campus Mission

Establishing Apostolos Missions at Harvard University was a great accomplishment for the ministry in 2016. The chapter leader, Ahran, became an AM member and held programs sincerely and actively during this fall semester. God has given her a renewed heart in order to take greater strides in 2017 and in the new Spring semester.

Ahran shared her reflection of the new year below:

It has been an amazing semester to initiate AM at Harvard last semester, and I wish to plan for the next semester to ask God to give me spiritual strength for the bible study. I had a dream of many stray cats and kittens coming into my house, they were all different kinds and they were eating the food I provided. And there were two big snakes in front of my house so I was worried how to hide the cats from them. Now that I think about it I need the sword of truth to kill those snakes and be ready to protect those cats and kittens. I see a bright future and a concrete plan of God that he is showing me about the mission at Harvard, and I pray that during next semester I will be ready to take in many students and deliver them the truth so that AM grows in number and strength as a God-centered group on campus. I wish to attain 12 student leaders and 40 students for the group.

Let us pray for AM Harvard’s goal of 12 student leaders and 40 members over the Spring semester. May the Holy Spirit raise Ahran to be a precious shepherd in this city.

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