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Harvard Sunday Service Concludes Graceful 2-day Gathering

AM Harvard welcomed AM HQ guests for the Sunday Service. Pastor Alma Osorio preached from Mark 12:41-44. The message helped members examine the true offering of their lives.

After the service, there was a time of sharing and reflection of the whole retreat. Later, they toured Harvard University and held an outdoor fellowship.

Michael shared that it’s always good to be in community with others who fill up on the word and pour out their grace and wisdom gained from God.

“Today in  Mark 12:43 I saw Jesus as one who is so joyful over his experience, he had to praise it, share it. His focus was honed into every detail of the event while his disciples were so young, perhaps spellbound by many things in around them- the sight of the rich even. He had to call them and get their focus, teach them what they could not quite see yet. At times we may be just like them, overwhelmed by students of great intellect or wealth, but Jesus shows us the true thing to praise is sincere worship.”

And finally, Alex was thankful for the retreat and recounted the truth, it can be very easy to make faith into a simple bodily following of rules, but God cares more about our hearts of sincerity.

Please continue to pray for the growth and development of AM Harvard.

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