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HQ Adds Final Touches to ‘Campus Evangelism’ Guidebook Ahead of New Semester

The AM HQ is working intensely on completing a 30-page guidebook on campus evangelism tips and resources. AM leaders wish to be equipped with the tools to refresh evangelism methods and reach out to this new generation in the fall semester.

Students entering the universities this year were likely born in the year 2001 or even 2002. Therefore, there is a generational and cultural gap that may exist between the minister and current students. The AM Campus Evangelism guidebook is intended to offer new outreach ideas on how to reach students and lead them into a deeper and more vertical encounter with the Lord Jesus.

The guidebook has 5 categories. They are Part A- Events, Part B- Simple Strategies, Part C- Games & Activities, Part D- Follow Up, and Part E – Evangelism in the Bible.

The guide includes various printouts, like surveys, connection cards, evangelism pictures, and more. The next step is to make the design and distribute it to interested ministers.

“Our prayer is for missionaries to go forward with greater confidence to evangelize students,” one leader shared. “These creative and engaging evangelism methods should be applied with the Biblical principles and then they can lead to good people responding to the invitation.”

May God open the era of youth evangelism greatly in this upcoming fall semester. Please pray for AM chapters and churches to grow with many people.

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