Apostolos Missions International

HQ & Africa Leaders Hold Program at Kenya Orphanage

Apostolos Missions HQ leaders and the AM Africa leader visited a youth orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya on Sept. 12, 2018.

The AM leaders visited the orphanage and shelter with Kenya missionary, Pastor Jane. She built a good relationship with the orphanage because it is a Christian institution that seeks to rescue children and young women from human trafficking.

AM leaders were warmly welcomed and were greeted with several praise songs from the youth. They spent a meaningful time there sharing the Word and grace to give strength and encouragement to the youth.

The young people were greatly touched through the AM activity. One young woman, named Lavina, came to AM leaders with her 3-year old son and shared her grace. She said she often feels forgotten and ignored by the world in her suffering. But she was encouraged to remember God’s love for her and how God knows her so intimately and so passionately. Lavina also thanked us for coming to the orphanage and wished we could make a regular program to come again.

Africa youth are hungry for God’s Word. AM leaders pray to make a way to share God’s Word abundantly and bring new hope to young people in the region.

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