Apostolos Missions International

HQ Audio Audio Sermon Library Begins Recording Materials for Lent Season

The AM HQ has been actively using its Bible Message intranet as “Joseph’s Storage.” Messages are uploaded regularly with various themes and focuses. AM members are now preparing audio messages that will support the upcoming Lent season.

Lent 2019 begins on March 6. AM is preparing to have special messages where students can listen and leave a reflection on the page for others to view and comment on. The plan for the messages is to post 7 messages under the theme of emptying /sacrifice and new life. The audio will be supplemented with documents that provide an opportunity for deeper discussions and reflections.

Lent is a precious time where students can grow deeply in the understanding of the cross and can experience the cross and resurrection for themselves. AM leaders pray that members may unite more with the Word and come closer to Jesus during this season.

Please pray for AM’s education department to grow and serve many young people around the world.

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