Apostolos Missions International

HQ Opens Statistics Department to Support Intl Network Development

Apostolos Missions HQ staff have begun calculating daily statistics strictly. New staff member, Annie Jiang, is following up daily with all chapter and country leaders to monitor the submission of the daily reports, devotionals, and weekly plans.

Keeping track of the daily statistics helps keep the leaders awake and attentive to their basic standards. The daily report they submit is actually quite simple but helps them to measure their work and progress each day. Annie is not only checking the reports but also discussing with the leaders the ways they can improve their cities level of activity.

The AM HQ wishes to give sufficient care and attention to all country leaders. This daily check-up is just the beginning of a more thorough administrative system that will help chapters thrive and seek progress daily.

Please continue to pray for AM’s international network and their daily progress is spreading the Gospel.

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