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HQ Social Media Project Gathers More Testimonies from Members

The AM HQ is continually developing its social media reach through setting up a testimony series on social media outlets.

The concept of the testimony is to share brief stories from real people who can testify to the need of Christian campus communities. The hope is that viewers can engage more with AM online and also be directed to the website.

AM wishes to display a diverse range of members. Below are some testimonies from AM members around the world.

Tsedevsuren from AM Mongolia

I am a student. There are many students who have wonderful abilities and talents, but don’t know what to do with it or they use it for useless things. I want them to come to God and be used by God previously when they are young age as students. For me, after I came to God, I have found myself and things I didn’t know about myself and could know myself better.

Junghyun from AM Harvard, USA

I am walking on the path of faith for the first time as part of graduate school experiences at Harvard. Campus ministry discovers the impact of spiritual life for students. That is a great opportunity to listen to a unique calling from God and to grow, learn and serve each other through faith-forming fellowship encompassing the love of God.

Meltus from AM Kenya

I wasn’t sure anybody would be interested in Jesus, but I was amazed by the number of youths that were so eager to come and listen to the truth of God. Youth ministry is necessary because there is a revival that is happening in the hearts of young adults here in Kenya.

Pastor Manuel from AM Latin America HQ, Chile

Our mission is to reach into their hearts and show the truth of Jesus Christ. It is to show the youth in Latin America that their lives have a higher purpose, which is to serve God with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

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