Apostolos Missions International

In-Depth Weekly Romans Study for Network Education and Development

The AM headquarters is beginning to promote and hold a weekly Romans bible study to develop the fellowship and provide the network with educational resources that will deepen their understanding of the bible messages when teaching students. The bible study group will be led by AM President, Dr. Deborah, every Thursday at 7pm ET with the first lecture beginning today.

The AM HQ is making new developments to their educational resources by providing more bible study materials as well as holding weekly bible study lectures.

The educational resources allow for the fellowship to be abundant in the Word of God and the weekly bible studies serve as a strategy to implement the educational resources to gather and teach the bible to many students.

The book of Romans is foundational for our faith and can accelerate the growth of students and members to come to have a deep and personal confession of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

All AM members, students, and newcomers are welcomed to join us via zoom at 7pm ET.

May the weekly bible studies be a great strength in this time and may many come to testify of the amazing love of God.

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