Apostolos Missions International

Korea Begins Tour of Seoul National University

AM Korea has decided to promote the mass-evangelism strategies ‘Share House Operation’ and ‘Youth Missionary Movement (Kingdom Movement)’ in 2019 nationwide. AM distributed publicity flyers starting from Seoul National University and did street evangelism at the same time.

The Share House management strategy will be conducted by interviewing and selecting people who want to train for missions based on their experiences of runningthe  IMTC (Immanuel Mission Training Center) at Immanuel Church previously.

Apart from this, the Kingdom Movement is a movement to recruit students interested in overseas missions. In 2019 AM Korea aims to send 100 youth missionaries. AM will focus on training the headquarters ministers from now until Easter, and will select them through street evangelism and flyer promotion before the summer short-term mission trip.

Starting from the evangelism tour of Seoul National University, AM planned to find 2-3 students for each campus and prayed that the souls who were ready to participate in the youth missionary movement would be brought to bear fruit.

May God continually bless AM Korea and its expansion plans.

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