Apostolos Missions International

Large-Group Bible Study Begins on the Book of Acts

The AM International social media team launched their next large-group Bible study series. The program is being promoted on Instagram and is a two-day per week study for 7 weeks until Pentecost. The theme of the series is called “You Will Be My Witness” and will go through the Book of Acts.

“You Will Be My Witness” began last week and begins every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30PM EST. The goal is to gather an average of 24 students per day. AM wishes to breakthrough 70 students participating on average each day.

The Book of Acts will emphasize the importance of prayer, receiving the Holy Spirit, mission expansion, and the identity of the Apostles, as those who are sent. The theme of the series — “You will be my Witness,” comes from Acts chapter 1. The AM HQ believes that this will be an exciting book to inspire students to follow God’s call and to be used powerfully by the Holy Spirit.

Please pray that this gathering will be successful for mass evangelism, and membership increase.

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