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Large Group Online Fellowship Dives into Miracle Series

AM’s online large group fellowship began a series of Gospel messages, particularly looking into the miracles of Jesus. The fellowship on Sunday featured a look at John chapter 2, the miracle of turning water into wine.

Jesus’ first miracle in John 2 is a very significant one and it is a change we also wish to see in our lives. Water is bland and tasteless. But wine is bubbly and vibrant. Everyone desires for their life to be like a banquet that is abundant and overflowing. But we need to carefully consider, who is the center of my banquet? In other words, who is the center of my life?

The passage teaches us that when Jesus is at the center, the wine never runs out. Our life actually gets better and better. A life centered on other things may start well, but eventually run out.

The students were very touched by the story and also shared reflections of what they believe is preventing them from keeping Jesus at the center. Everyone could relate with one another and also pray that we may always keep Jesus first.

The next large group fellowship will be held on Sunday, July 18 via Zoom.

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