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Large Group Studies- ‘Walk With Jesus’ Lent Series

There are two holidays that Christians consider very preciously. Those two holidays are Christmas and Easter and they take us through the physical life of Jesus from His birth until His death and resurrection.

And right before Easter comes a 40-day journey called “Lent.” The period of Lent is a time in which we can meditate on the grace and love we have received and can see most preciously on the cross.

Take a pledge to walk the 7 weeks of Lent by holding a Large Group Bible study one day a week. These materials are designed to guide you through the journey and go deeper into understanding the meaning of the cross and our response to this momentous occasion.

2 out of 7 weeks have been posted. However, an instructor’s manual and the remaining 5 weeks will be added soon.

Download – [AM Lenten Bible Series 1] Fullness in Christ _ John 1-16

Download – [AM Lenten Bible Series 2] Life Through Death _ John 12-20-26

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