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Latin America Begins February with New Youth and Many Activities

AM Latin America began the month of February with good news. During the month of January, the Word of God has been shared, this managed to bring new young people to the churches.

AM Peru: During this Sunday the youth participated in the Sunday service, in the end, they met with volunteer Elizabeth to pray and plan a walk in the streets in which young people can share, recreate and get to know each other better to strengthen this beautiful group of young people. On this Sunday, a young man named David, who was evangelized at the Christmas retreat, participated in the Sunday service. AM also began the morning prayer again, to pray for the young people who are attending, for evangelism and Bible classes. Also from Tuesday, they will begin the biblical studies with the young people belonging to AM.

AM Venezuela has had a fruitful week with three new registered youth who are now part of the church. The AM volunteer, Wilmer, has been doing constant fasting and prayer work with the young people, they have delivered Bible studies, visited the university evangelizing different young students. They have also had important times with the young people to know their dreams, their plans and concerns, they have done theater works and planned more activities, all of them have participated in the services of the church. For this new month, a singing festival is scheduled that will also serve to evangelize and will continue with prayer and fasting, evangelism and Bible studies.

AM Chile: Pastor Manuel continues to do evangelism, prayer, and fasting. In Chile, they are working constantly looking for new young people, and last week several of them have been known. These days he was able to meet two young people who delivered their contacts and other young people were interested in knowing about the church. The church continues to offer Bible studies and the design of new evangelism strategies continues, a video for YouTube will soon be ready to be shared with the new youth.

AM Brazil: Pastor Andrea joined the work of AM and the weekend evangelism time has already begun, next to the Gratia São Paulo church. Some people agreed to participate in Bible studies on Monday. A great time of revival in youth is expected for Brazil.

AM Mexico: The new leader of AM Mexico, Miriam, is now preparing evangelism for this first week of February, in order to develop the ministry. Together with the church leader, Miriam is designing a work plan to reach the hearts of young people and lead them to God. The plan is to start February with evangelism aimed at young students. In this way AM Mexico begins with great expectations, with faith and the hope placed in God, to reach many with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In February, AM Latin America AM begins with the blessing of God, with two new countries already integrated and working hard. AM goes after the conquest of many young people for the kingdom of God.

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