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Leader Testifies Growth of Christianity in Mongolia

Considered a minor faith in the region, the United States Department of State reports that as of 2005, approximately 24,000 Christians live in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, which is around 2.5 percent of the entire registered population of the city.

This low percentage could easily be seen as a bad thing, but as the lord expressed through his use of the power of a mustard seed in faith, God doesn’t need great numbers to do great work. Which is why AM international is so proud of the work God is doing through AM in the country.

A Mongolian AM chapter leader named Tsedevsuren shared her story of faith.

“Mongolia, it’s a Buddhist country. To me, this can really be the most difficult place because of persecution. Even my parents are Buddhist. When I went to university, I moved to a city far from home. And through a friend, I heard the gospel for the first time and came to believe in Jesus. When I first came I had many negative views towards God but he really changed my mind as he revealed himself to me, showing me how he loved me enough to send his son to die and rise again for me.

When winter vacation ended, I saw myself as a woman who wants to put God first place in my life. But this isn’t how everyone is in Mongolia. And this is my hope for my family, and this country.”

Tsedevsuren also noted that in this hostile environment, many misunderstand what it means to be a believer. “You can still have your Mongolian culture as a Christian. And though some who came here in the name of Christ did wrong things, all Christians aren’t the bad people of the past. I believe that as I keep my faith, God will really open minds and let them trust hold onto a new image of believers.”

AM International is a central part of how this young woman is holding onto her faith and changing the image of Christians in her country. With the gospel, even the smallest can grow into something amazing. Through the faith of believers in regions like Mongolia, God is raising up a new generation of believers, passionate AM leaders.

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