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Lent 40-Day Walk Ends Joyfully With Hope of Resurrection

The AM International HQ social media team concluded its 40-day Lent walk on Saturday, April 3, 2020. The AM staff lead 40 consecutive days of Bible study with non-stop teaching to students online. The 40-days of Lent covered the entire Gospel of John and Sundays (which are excluded during Lent) consisted of a large group Bible study and fellowship event.

The 40 days of Lent carried the theme of “The Way, The Truth, The Life of Jesus.” It launched on February 17, 2020. The focus was to discover Jesus as our Lord and become the true Christ-followers who seek to conform to the likeness of Christ and reveal His glory through our life. The event encouraged listeners to live a life of serving and truly follow the Gospel with the hope of becoming true fruit.

The staff testified that this time was very strengthening. Although it is difficult to continue anything for 40 days, the marathon was a time to truly practice love and serving. Numerous students were reached, and many students gathered newly and continue to meet for Bible studies regularly.

The social media team will proceed with another 50-day journey for Pentecost. Please pray that the AM HQ may be a place where the Word of God is continually flowing and many get the chance to be filled with the truth.

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