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Luc: ‘I Want to Carry the Cross Revealing God’s Love & Beauty

AM united with Boston Immanuel Church to host a Lenten retreat at Harvard University. Students from Harvard, MIT, and other local universities attended and received great grace through the messages and fellowship time.

Attendants were testified about deep messages and great biblical vision of AM. Three attendees shared their experience during the retreat and preparing for it. Here’s Luc’s story.

Luc De Marrais

“Sometimes when I do good things, especially if I am complimented, I am tempted to feel proud of myself as if it is by my own strength that I do what I do. But truly it is by God and if I do something good, the glory should be given to God. I am fighting frequently against pride (and its name is despair) but I know that God will change me in the way I need to be changed when the time is right-when I am ready. I want to reveal Christ through my life : I want to purely love even if others hate me and my physical life is at risk, I want to be a servant of all, and I want to just genuinely lay down my life so that the lives of others can be raised. I still worry a lot about how I am judged according to worldly standards : how I look, how well I talk, how much knowledge I possess, etc. I do not want to live with these worries anymore. I want to be who I really am in Christ. I want to talk purely out of love, and I want to show the world that God is among us. I want to carry the cross revealing God’s love and beauty. 

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