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Media Dept Begins Online Testimony Series to Develop Social Media Reach

The AM HQ Media Department is developing its social media reach through setting up a testimony series on social media outlets. The testimony series will include short reflections members from around the world who believe that AM and its purpose is crucial for the spiritual life of young people on campuses.

The concept of the testimony is to share brief stories from real people who can testify to the need of Christian campus communities. The hope is that viewers can engage more with AM online and also be directed to the website.


So far, various short testimonies have been submitted by AM members. Here are some below:

Walter, AM Africa

Campus is a place true identity of every youths because of the freedom to chose whom they wants to be. The worst part is that most people end up chosing the wrong path, ending up losing their identity, their purpose and most importantly losing their identity as a Christian as a child of God.

Working with campus ministry makes me reflect on my past life at Campus, that life convicts me repentance and hunger more for God to work out my life, to live a better life worthy of Gods Love.

The more I wanna help them, the more I seek the face of God and the more my Spirit grows to Maturity. It’s my daily prayer and desire to grow to maturity to be able to help each and every young person that God connects me to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ bearing much more fruits than I will ever be able to, because a true disciple should be able to bear more fruits.

Remy, AM India

Many students whom I met are going through mental stress about their career, exams and for other reasons, sharing God’s word to them who hears gives them another hope and refuge. God is looking for sower as the bible says “God gives seed to the sower”, since I started evangelizing and holding events for students, God has increased my understanding and ability to stand and share God boldly to the people of different religion, Atheist etc.

Michael, AM North America

College is a precious time where students can choose their path. I wasted my college years on worldly things and was hurt enormously. When I started doing campus ministry, I realized students needed someone like me to guide them from the pain of wasting their best years on meaningless things.

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