Apostolos Missions International

Mongolia Opens YouTube Channel to Share the Word of God

The Mongolia chapter of AM international started to use their YouTube channel as a form of evangelism. Many people in Mongolia are interested in the Bible. AM Mongolia prays to be instrumental in teaching people the Word of God through online methods.

AM Mongolia will first upload testimonies of faith to the YouTube channel. Testimonies that have reached many people in Mongolia are in foreign languages. The team will work on translating testimonies into Mongolian and also finding Mongolian testimonies to share with others. Currently, a woman’s testimony is being translated from English into Mongolian. It will be a great source of grace for many people.

Facebook and Instagram can be more effective in encouraging and urging people to learn the Word of God. The team hopes that God’s Words, testimonies, and hopeful stories can be shared abundantly through the new channel.

AM Mongolia believes that the Gospel of God can reach many people through these tools.

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