Apostolos Missions International

Multi-Sensory Teaching & Engaging

One of the new methods of teaching that AM is considering is multi-sensory teaching and engagement. Multi-sensory teaching and engagement is a method of teaching that stimulates all of the human senses, thus allowing the person(s) to be fully engaged as they are learning. When it comes to teaching the bible, the idea is to include visual aids, video content, and hands-on learning experiences that will activate all the students’ senses, so that they can retain the information more effectively.

Our senses are very important as we need them in order to discern things that are good or bad. AM wants to include sight, hearing, and touching as a way to help the students retain the message. Our sight is a very important part to our bodies as it is what allows us to see and perceive things. The bible stresses the importance of having clear vision and being able to see otherwise, we will lack understanding. Visual aids of the bible passages and scriptures will stimulate the students’ sight, which will allow them to perceive and understand the message more clearly. Video content will be a hybrid of both images and sound which amplifies the learning experience. Certain sounds can set the tone for the story which evokes our emotions. Lastly, hands on learning will include the opportunity for students to be engaged with activities that involve touching objects. The ability the touch objects based on the message allows the student to feel the pain or joy of the story.

Jesus did not just lecture, but he painted pictures for people’s minds as he told parables. He even told people to ‘come and see’. And when they came and saw, they followed him and experienced the truth through engagement and participation. It is true that our senses help us to perceive which enhances our understanding, yet they all function differently to shape our perspectives. In the same way, people’s learning styles are different. AM hopes that by incorporating different aspects of student learning, that it will help them retain the bible messages in the way that is most fitting for them.

The hope is that as AM continues to update their education system, that they can experience growth both in the ministry and in the lives of the soon to come students.

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