Apostolos Missions International

NA Prepares Second Monthly Retreat with Theme: Redemption, a Biblical Love Story

The 2nd monthly retreat is being prepared in Chicago, Illinois. The 2nd retreat will be held on September 28th continuing the monthly Saturday retreats. This retreat will keep going, explaining the 4 spiritual laws.

Retreat two will focus on the fall of man in Genesis 3 and 4, sin, as told by Paul in Romans 2 and 3, and the cross of Christ that redeems us in the gospels.

Pastor Michael of AM NA shared that “we hope a for a bigger turn out of course, so we will evangelize more, but even more, we hope for a continued excitement. I really enjoyed preparing and holding retreat 1, and I just want that pure excitement to stay in me and grow even more. I really feel that it’s hard to just hold onto that as Satan always looks to distract. And I also feel that in the end, if our joy and excitement are shared, others will easily see and be touched and affected by it. We don’t convince people of God’s grace, we just teach them of it, and while doing it, show them how convinced we are of it’s power.”

Please pray for this retreat and 12 people to be gathered successfully.

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