Apostolos Missions International

North America Concludes Urbana With Great Hope for 2019 Mission

AM International North America leaders concluded the 2018 Urbana Student Missions Conference in St Louis on Dec. 31.

The Urbana conference was filled with many learning opportunities. In total, the members attended over 30 seminars and 6 large group sessions that discussed mobilizing young people for mission around the world. They gained tips on how to develop AM and also how to engage the next generation in various aspects of mission.

The methodology of mission is more and more diverse. Missions can be in the form of media, technology, art, and more. AM leaders were able to talk about all the various ways to spread and advance the cause of Christ among young people.

Please continue to pray for AM in 2019. They have great hope in the future of AM North America and methodology for world mission.

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