Apostolos Missions International

North America Leadership Training Begins in Dover

The 2019 North America Leadership Training began in Dover on June 17, 2019. Three students and two staff were present for the opening service and first day of programs. The day included a full schedule of lectures, sharing, and seminars.

The Holy Spirit worked really strongly during the first day to allow deep reflection on the training’s theme and purpose. The opening service came from Romans 1:1-2 and emphasized the need to set up a clear identity. Students were exhorted to set up this unshakable identity in knowing who we are and who we belong to. This becomes our strength and strong foundation as we continue forward in the Kingdom of God.

The attendees are studying Romans to be trained as heavenly soldiers and stand firm on the basics of our Christianity identity. Although the group is smaller than hoped for, the attendees were able to have more in-depth sharing and fellowship. The students are all very hopeful and eager to know God’s direction for their lives more clearly.

Please pray for the remaining program schedule. May God raise many new co-workers for His Kingdom.

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