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North America Leadership Training Concludes With Powerful Proclamation of the Gospel

The AM North America Leadership Training concluded on June 21, 2019 in Dover, NY with a closing service delivered by Pastor Alma, AM International representative. The message came from Galatians chapter 1, and emphasized maintaining the focus on the true Gospel that is by grace alone.

The training focused on the book of Romans chapters 1-8. However, the final exhortation encouraged the trainees not to stray for this foundation that is in Jesus Christ. The trainees really changed through the messages and gained greater confidence for their path of faith. It is impossible to evangelize and guide others if you are unclear about the basic message of how we are saved. However, this training was a significant time to reflect and build a sturdy foundation.

One trainee shared: I am truly grateful for having this experience. This AM training came at perfect timing for me. I was able to use this training to expand my knowledge as a Christian. I now know how to pray more efficiently. I also feel as though these teachings will help build my foundation as a Christian for my overall knowledge of the bible and how to study. I don’t feel the same. I feel more at peace because of these words I learned. I also now know strongly in my heart that nothing can stop me from loving the Lord Jesus Christ my lord. Amen

The trainees continued to have a fellowship in NYC later that day. The trainees will continue to have internships this summer with AM. Please continue to pray for their growth and journey of faith.

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