Apostolos Missions International

North America Revives Prayer Topics for Relay Fasting Campaign

AM North America is moving mountains via daily relay fasting. Recent updates on prayer topics were made. The general goal remains of setting up 10 more chapters before the anniversary of WOA.

New potential leaders are being scouted. Students are growing deeper in the Word aspect of the faith, and also the serving aspect. AM North America is praying for various young students that are showing promise. AM NA deeply wants to see them grow into passionate AM leaders before General assembly.

Minister Michael shared his heartfelt feelings on this. “To raise a great leader from their youth like that would be an amazing blessing. I know I wasted good time in the world and I pray that others don’t have to.”

Earlier this year there were opportunities to connect with students who were coming to local OA churches. While ministers and AM HQ tried various times to open the channel of contact, different obstruction hindered this, God has a perfect timing and prepare people, and AM is still praying that these students are prepared to be a part of His perfect timing.

And finally, an AM will host a mini-retreat at San Francisco Gratia Church on November 3rd. A heartfelt prayer topic is that the LA Church along with members of the Riverside campus may attend this graceful time.

AM asks that you always keep the fellowship and the NA continent in your sincere prayers. May the Lord answer and supply as only he can. Amen.

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