Apostolos Missions International

Online Evangelism Movement Sparks in the Midst of Crisis

AM International’s global network is gearing up to launch a powerful social media and online evangelism movement. The current worldwide crisis is also an opportunity to expand the reach of the Gospel where hands and feet have not yet touched.

The last few weeks have forced many AM missionaries to pause their usual street evangelism and outreach. However, with optimal tools available online, the Gospel can be delivered in new ways.

The AM resource department has crafted a new guide with tips on all the ways AM members can spread a message of hope to the world. It is very important to strategize and provide platforms where many young people can learn about Jesus Christ.

The world is now in need of hope. The news of the COVID-19 outbreak has lead many to feel weak, vulnerable, and insecure. It is in that place that we must all look up to God. AM members will open up pages and groups on social media to teach Bible study and share anchor of hope we have in Jesus.

The social media groups will be divided into groups for new Bible students and then groups for existing AM members and listeners. The goal is to encourage many who are in darkness to find the light of truth from the Lord Jesus.

Please pray with AM to lead many people around the world to know the Gospel during this period.

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