Apostolos Missions International

Overview of Chapter Structure

Apostolos Missions International drafted new plans for chapter structures to be implemented in upcoming universities around the world.

AM wishes to gather a group that shares the vision of mobilizing the Gospel through various mediums. The fellowship is for compassionate thinkers and doers, who like the apostles, live a life following God’s call and promise as described in the Word.

The chapter structure includes fun and professional activities that will allow for deep engagement and creative output in their mission towards reaching the unreached with the Gospel message.

Currently, the chapter structure will consist of four departments, notably, the AM Logos Group and the AM Media Group.

The AM Logos Group will essentially operate as the education department, fueling the engine for Bible-related materials, resources, and materials. They will also lead the fellowship in its intellectual pursuits by arranging book clubs on Christian-related books and organizing a quarterly academic journal. The journal will allow for students to submit original essays and editorial writings that will be featured in the publication. This department will also feature a special leadership fellowship called “St. Matthew Leadership Society.” The purpose of this group is to work closely with students who have the gift of teaching and becoming future pastors and leaders of the Word.

AM International hopes that AM Logos can one day grow to become an official publishing company, much like “Intervarsity Press,” organized by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

AM Media Group is a creative outlet for students to use their imagination to share the Word through media. The main components will include video production and also creative writing. Students can freely organize film or TV shoots or write a skit or screenplay to express a dramatic or narrative story. AM Media Group also has the potential to become a professional media outlet that produces Christian media to the masses.

Although there are various roles for a fellowship to cover, AM prays that everyone in the fellowship may be fishers of men who seek the sow the Word in the heart of every person. Everyone can be an evangelist, a prayer warrior, and everyone can share grace from the Word.

Please pray for this grand dream of AM to mobilize the Gospel and be the Apostles who reach the unreached with the truth.

Below is a simple draft outline of the four departments for each chapter.

AM Logos Group (education)

Book club

-A weekly gathering of students on a book related to Christian-related topics.

St. Matthew Leadership Society (teacher fellowship)

-A fellowship of AM students who are on track to grow as Bible teachers, Spiritual counselors, and future leaders.

AM Quarterly Journal

-A published collection of original academic and creative writings submitted by AM students

Writing submissions (non-creative / essays / opinion)

-Students can regularly submit editorial writings based on current events, politics, philanthropy, arts & culture and more topics as it pertains to the ecumenical body.

AM Media Group (media / creative)

Video Production

-Operating film & video related projects related to Christianity for the promotion and nurturing of faith. Productions can include documentaries, animations, scripted short and feature television and film productions.

Creative writing

-Students can regularly submit skits, stage plays, screenplays, treatments, storyboards, graphic novels, comic books, and other creative and dramatic stories

AM Administrative Group (administration / inner management)

Stage crew

-Overall management of programs including Bible study, events, evangelism, etc. They can also manage the physical space and form serving teams.


-Overseeing the input and output of monetary funds and fundraising.

Legal Department

-This group can be fully devoted to managing legal documents and communication with government agencies. Students can constantly plan for the next step of growth and development

AM Public Relations Group (outreach / fellowship)


-Regularly updating news articles and resources

Social media

-Managing social media accounts and engaging in online evangelism.

Planning / Events

-Planning and organizing fellowship outings and special programs including retreats, Saturday activities, tabling events, charity and more.

Evangelism follow-up

-Students can systematically follow-up with incoming students on their journey towards committing their lives to Christ. 

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