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Pentecost Season Launches With Acts Daily Devotional

Upon concluding a graceful 40-day walk for Lenten season and a joyful Easter Sunday, AM International will be beginning a new daily devotional series for Pentecost in meditation of the era of the Holy Spirit and its first outpour on the early church.

The series will be based on the book of Acts from chapter 1 to chapter 28 where it vividly records the powerful work of the Holy Spirit as well as the mission points that can be useful to the ministry. There are a total of 40 messages taught by Dr. Deborah Im, AM Senior Advisor.

AM looks forward to studying the book of Acts deeply and they really wish to apply the teachings to their mission fields. This is the time of welcoming the Holy Spirit and it is with great hope that it will ignite deep change and revival just as the early church experienced.

In this season of Pentecost, may all AM leaders, members, and students be filled with the Holy Spirit and bold to evangelize and preach to bring more people to Christ. In this way, we fulfill the true meaning of Pentecost. Let us open our hearts wide, set up big goals, set up big tents so we can feed the whole world with the Word of God.

Contact alma@amintl.org to join the series every day at 6 AM and 9 AM Eastern Time.

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