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Peru Celebrates Pentecost With Thankful Hearts

The members of the AM Peru ministry celebrated Pentecost Sunday with praise and fasting. They took advantage of this special occasion to cry out to God for the current situation that the world is going through.

A video call was also made on Saturday to discuss the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is the guide in understanding the Word, He is also our comforter in times of distress.

Moisés, who led praise for the event, said that “this day is a turning point in humanity. Since when Christ ascended into heaven, he left us the comforter who reveals all things to us and helps us to establish communication, true and unique, between the Father and the Son.”

In addition to this, the AM members met with the neighbors to talk to them about this beautiful event and to call them to reflect on the times in which the world is. They exhorted their neighbors to turn their eyes to Christ since there is no other way in which we can be save.

Peru is excited to start the month of June. Prayers will be maintained so that the Spirit of God guides them towards His plans, spread the Gospel, and to continue making disciples.

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