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Peru Ministry Launches Successful Online Studies; Hopeful for Greater Growth

In times of Coronavirus crisis affecting many spheres of life in Peru, AM leaders are changing the methods how they proclaim the word and gospel to their members. The leader of AM Peru, Elizabeth Barrientos, has given special focus this week to leading Bible studies through online tools. 

Elizabeth says that the members of AM are well connected in online platforms to follow and receive Bible Lectures, messages and even to join regular prayer meetings. 

AM members and bible study participants are in different groups that hold programs in a variety of times to meet the need. The purpose is to support young people to keep their eyes on Jesus and grow in their faith, vocation, call, and love towards the work of God even though the reality of the country is loomed with a threat of the virus.

“This study of the introduction of the Bible is important to me since it helps me to know the basic concepts of the Bible; its divisions, its origin, etc., and thus prepare myself for the moment of evangelizing.” reflected Moses, one of the students who is joining the program in Lima. 

Not only the regular online bible programs, a chain of dawn prayer and fasting are continuing to pray for the city and the country to get through this trial. 

AM Peru is making an endeavor to shift all ministry programs to run online in order to reach out to many who are staying home due to the sheltered-in order as a precaution to the pandemic situation. The ministry is seeking to diversify online platforms to keep their members active in maturing faith even in the quarantine situation.

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