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In-depth Study of Romans Begins in the Philippines

AM in the Philippines has begun a weekly study of the Book of Romans. Three students gathered to study today. The message was taken from the book of Romans 1:18-32.

Leader Rachel explained What is the wrath of God? Wrath here means God’s hatred of sin. God hates sin, God despises sin, because He loves us. God’s wrath is one expression of His love for His children. He cannot endure to see the spiritual cancer harming and killing humans. God’s wrath can be understood as His sorrow over the sinful world. What are the two central sins of the humanity? The Wrath of God against godlessness and wickedness Godlessness refers to man’s offenses against God. Wickedness refers to the sins of man against man. Godlessness is the sin of Adam, who broke the vertical relationship of love by rejecting and disobeying God. Wickedness is the sin of Cain, who broke the horizontal relationship of love by hating and killing his own brother.

Since God revealed Himself in many ways, “people are without excuse” (v.20).  Romans 1:21 says, “Although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him.”

The tragedy and misery of the world all began from man’s rejection to place God at the center. When we remove God from the center of our lives, the next step is idolatry. After the sin of idolatry, adultery follows, because humans long for some form of love.

This expression “God gave them over” is used in 3 verses (v.24, v.26, v.28). We must be aware that God’s wrath leaves sinners the way they are. If we reject God and become slaves of lusts, sin piles up. After having sinned, we should acknowledge our sin and repent. Then God will forgive our sin with his infinite love. But if we do not repent, but rather continue sinning, what would God do? Frightfully, God leaves us alone. God gives us over to our sinful lusts. God turns away His face.

Sister Joy shared: “One of the most painful things I heard is that God has deep sorrow. I had been aware many times that I have sin before God. So it is something I am aware of. As I grew up, I thought those things were okay so long as I am a good person. I am “good enough.” However, now my eyes were open to see that God was not really at my center. He is only my option. I was thankful for this message.”

Please pray for the online students to know more about the love of God through Jesus Christ.

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