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Technological Advancement Creates Unity & Promotes the Gospel

AM is considering the way in which technology, like the use of social media, cyber websites, and more can contribute to advancing the Gospel. Surely there are numerous ways. As technology is continuing to develop and advance, AM is seeking to utilize all online platforms to promote the Word of God.

Over the last decade, technology has played a remarkable role in the economic advancement of countries. The development of technology is still one of the major concerns for countries all around the world. Advancing technology can benefit the economy of the country by producing more and efficient goods for the consumers. Elected officials and entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about ways to develop technology in a way that attracts consumers and brings in thousands of dollars to the economy.

Advancing technology is great especially for countries that are still relatively undeveloped compared to the U.S.– which is one of the most technologically advanced countries. To name a few, Bangladesh, Mozambique, and Haiti all ranked as the least technologically advanced countries. This means that there is a desperate need for the people in those countries when it comes to technology and economics.

Provide for one’s economic needs is one way to help other, however, that will not solve all the problems. In fact, money creates more issues within us. The fallen world has told us that living a happy life requires having all the money, when we do not need a thousand-dollar salary to live an abundant life. Money has only produced greed in man and has neglected the need to restore peace. For this reason, it is highly imperative that Christians find ways to use technology to promote the Gospel.

While some countries are still needing assistance, others have made way in technological advancements within the past decade. Today, the U.S., China, and Japan are the three largest most technologically advanced countries while Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, India, France, Brazil, and Canada are trailing right behind them.  So, what does this mean for the advancement of the Gospel? It means that technology opens the door for us to connect with people in other countries that we once did not have access to.

For many years, the conflict and division of countries has limited our ability to unite and make connections with one another. Even today there are individuals in other countries that face cruel and harsh punishment for believing in God. As Christians, we are called to be the light in places where the darkness has overcome. This should be our goal for along with creating connections, especially in countries like Bangladesh, Mozambique, and Haiti that lack both technology and basic resources.

Christians have the Gospel, which is very valuable and when coupled with technology, it can bring us real wealth. This is the Gospel is the truth that everyone in the world needs no matter how developed or underdeveloped, no matter how rich or poor. The good news about Jesus can change the entire world and bring us true wealth that doesn’t expire.

May we all be the ones to use our resources to help serve and help God in restoring peace and unity in a world that is lacking truth.

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